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This Course Includes:

• 4 CBT Mock Tests

• 200 Questions in each Mock Test

• Actual Representation of FRI M.Sc. Entrance Examination

• 1 Year of Online Access

• On Demand Online Appointment with Instructor

• Students’ Forum for regular discussion and updates

• Student Support (9 AM – 9 PM)

• Cross Platform: Available both on Krishi Pathshala App and Website


Course offered by:

Course Duration:

1 Academic Session

1. Stable Internet connection through out the total course

2. One compatible device. e.g. Computer, Mobile Phone or Tablet

3. Krishi Pathshala App or A suitable Browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox)

4. We recommend NOT to use any third party browser. e.g. Mi Browser, Brave, Vivo Browser etc. for best experience


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    • FRI Mock Test Series 2(Test 1) 03:10:00
    • FRI Mock Test Series 2(Test 2) 03:10:00
    • FRI Mock Test Series 2 (Test 3) 03:10:00
    • FRI Mock Test Series 2(Test 4) 03:10:00


Would you like to be a part of India's premier research institute in the field of forestry, environment and its allied sciences? Get yourself prepared for Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun, the "Forestry Temple of India" with our Mock Test Series exclusively curated for FRI Entrance Examination, according to FRI Entrance Examination Syllabus, by FRI Alumni. Students aspiring to enroll themselves in the Masters degree courses in Forestry, Environment Management (EM), Wood Science and Technology (WST) and Cellulose and Paper Technology (CPT) in Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun, we bring to you the Ultimate Mock tests for the FRI Entrance Examination 2022.
  • The Perfect Representation: These questions are set to represent the actual examination scenario. The question standard is set to met the absolute preparation for FRI Entrance Examination. 200 MCQ question to be submitted in 3 hours (180 Minutes) will enable you to give your best in the original examination
  • Total Coverage of Syllabus: The vast syllabus of FRI Entrance Examination is covered in all Mock Test. You will be able to practice, General Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Quantitative Aptitude, along with, Forestry, Agriculture, Social Science, English and Current Affairs in all the Mock Tests.
  • Extensive Practice: With 4 Mock Tests in this series, you will be able to practice 800 questions which will take a cumulative duration of 12 Hours to finish. You will have 1 year access to revisit and memorise the question-answers extensively to bring out your best in the exam.
  • Round the Clock Guidance: Being a total online course, you can practice whenever and wherever you want! With the exclusive FORUM feature in the course, you will be able to communicate with the Instructors and your fellow mates any time in any confusion or doubt.
KRISHIPATHSHALA MOCK TEST SERIES 2: FRI Entrance Exam, surely will enable you to crack FRI Entrance Examination with ease.


  1. mock test


    This site is amazing to give mock tests. They also give specified and to the point notes . I must thank the admin team for their selfless co-operation .

  2. Best practice mock tests


    It’s a saviour for FRI aspirants! Been practicing from earliest with this website

  3. Subhadeep ChakrabortyJuly 19, 2021 at 7:18 pm

    type of paper


    the explanation of the answers should be given. Got quick doubt clearing on those from the team.


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